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How to turn pennies into dollars with Reward Sites- What to look for

With New Sites, popping up everyday, it is hard keep track of which one are legit.  Below, you will find simple tips, that will help you weed out all of the princes from the frogs....

What to look for 

1.The Reputation of the company- One of the easiest ways to see what a company is like, is to simply Google the company name and see what the results turn up. However, I'd suggest  doing a little bit of sleuthing, through the companies own forums, and social media platforms. There you can see what other users are saying.. if there are nothing but complaints, move on. On the other hand, if it is all glowing reviews you may want to dig deeper... some companies will plant specific comments.

2.How often are new offers available- This one may be a little harder to figure out, but if a website hasn't updated in a month, that may just be your sign.

3.Suitable forms of payment- Most companies offer several forms of payment.. such as Paypal, paper checks and gift cards to stores. Others, go strictly on Rewards, such a Magazine subscriptions, electronics, t-shirts etc..  Before investing any significant amount time earning, you're going to want  know how you're getting paid.  After All, what good is a Magazine if you don't read, or Paypal if you do not have an account.

4.How long it will take to make goal- Now that you established that some form of payment is going to work for you, it is time to see how long it takes to cash out. If they only pay a few points per offer and it takes thousands of points to cash for a $5 gift card, it really isn't worth your time.

Unfortunately, the best way to find out how long it will take to accumulate points is by trial and error. There isn't a need to invest a lot of time or effort but at least enough to properly gauge the situation.

What to avoid (The Frogs)

1. Asking for too much personal details- Most reputable sites will never ask for a Social Security Number, credit card or checking account information. There a few exceptions to this rule,( with some of the larger companies) but in my opinion it isn't worth the risk.

2. Up front cost or fee's- No legitimate rewards program will ever ask you to pay a fee up front. The sole purpose of using these programs is for you to make a buck not them.

3. Income Guarantee or Big promises- I'm sure we've all heard the expression that "If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is".   Well, this couldn't be more true, if it really is that easy, why isn't everyone doing it? 

4. Poorly written, sketchy or hidden Privacy Policies- Sites of this nature require privacy policies, if you cannot locate it, there is most likely a reason. They are required to tell you what information they collect, how it will be stored, shared,  and how long that it is kept on file. 

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