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Earning money online with ZoomBucks

If you are looking for an easy way to make a few extra bucks, ZoomBucks may just be the site for you.

ZoomBucks, not to be confused with SwagBucks (although quite similar)is just one of many GPT sites popping up all over the internet. Like the other sites, you earn virtual currency by doing certain tasks online. Such as, searching the web, entering surveys, watching ads or playing games(etc.) Once you get enough points you can cash in for awesome prizes like a Kindle fire, iPad 2 or a gift card to your choice of dozen's of retailers.

What Makes ZoomBucks unique

ZoomBucks clearly isn't all that original, the name alone is a rip on another popular site. However, it
has a few unique features that sets is apart from the rest.

  • zdaily - a online portal/dashboard that has a chance to award points.
  • $3 Amazon gift cards (faster to cash out) 
  • Sharing video- earn one point per day by sharing any video to facebook 
  • Spin Wheel- Earn free spins by completing certain offers Pick number contest- They have 4 free contest, you can enter per day.
My Experience.

To be completely honest, I do not have much experience with ZoomBucks. I just joined at the beginning of this month and haven't had much time to invest. And that leads me to why I decided to write this review anyway... Which is because,  with a few seconds here and there ...I have manged to cash in not once but twice!

Please consider using my ZoomBucks referral link to sign up, and we can earn together!

Disclosure: There are one or more affiliate links in this post, zoombucks is in no way shape or form affiliated with this blog. Nor have the approved this post.  


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