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Earn gift cards easily and instantly with InstaGC

One of my newest favorite GPT sites is instaGC.  It has many payment walls with enough offers, surveys, videos, and other tasks that you can earn a decent amount relatively quick. However, it is missing a lot of features that similar sites have such as search or a video channel.

What makes it special is that it actually pays out instantly. You don't have to spend countless weeks, saving up hundreds of points to cash out (else of course you want to). how do i get amazon gift card 100 points equals a $1 and $1 will get you an Amazon gift code right then and there...  If Amazon isn't your thing, don't fret; There is currently approx 100 types of gift cards to choose from, with choices ranging from Petco to Domino's pizza, you could even request a check.

My experience

I haven't been a member very long, I signed up 3 weeks ago and have earned $40 in Amazon Gifts cards, with very minimal effort.

It has quickly became one of my favorites because I don't have to wait and worry if this site is going to up and disappear along with all my earnings. I already have my cash in hand.

To sign up click HERE! (<< affiliate  link)

Have a question about instaGC, leave a comment below and I'll help the best that I can.

Disclosure: There are one or more affiliate links in this post, instaGC is in no way shape or form affiliated with this blog. Nor have the approved this post.  

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