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How I make money online with Swag...

Long before a certain "Pop Star" slaughtered the term Swag, there was a special place created on the web that blessed all of it users with swag.  I'm not talking about baggy pants, pimp walks and backwards hats. I'm talking about SwagBucks.

Search & Win
What is.
Swagbucks is my all time favorite online rewards program, It allows users to earn SwagBucks (virtual currency)  for doing activities, that you might be doing anyway. You can turn them in for hundreds of rewards such as Gift cards, Paypal, jewelry and electronics. Shoot... they even have rewards for Fido,if you'd like.

My Experience
SwagBucks launched in fall of 2009 and I joined shortly after, I have never had any sort of problem with the site. I have cashed out hundreds in Amazon Gift cards that I use for holidays, birthdays and anything else I otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. I usually go hard core right before Christmas, and slack off a bit after the holidays and I still never make an Amazon purchase out of pocket. 

The fastest and easiest ways to earn

While there are many ways to earn, there are four fast and easy ways to earn a few points every day.  They are only worth a few points but only take a few seconds and can add up over the month to somewhere in the ballpark of $5 (if purchasing gift cards). 

1.  Visiting the NOSO wall (no obligation special offers)- Just keep clicking skip at the bottom of the page and it will take you to a captcha code, enter it ... 1 point down and added to your account... 10 seconds tops.

2. Take the Daily Poll- This is probably the simplest, read the question select a response... 1 more point down in only a couple seconds.

3. Search...  Instead of googling, use Swagbucks to search instead.  I usually get my first win of the day within a few pages of search results, since I'd be searching anyway it doesn't take any extra time. .
(just want to add, that you do not want to over search. Search naturally and you shouldn't have any problems.)

4. Toolbar- This is one of the few things that I do not do. I have enough toolbars and cannot see adding another. Most users that I have talked to, do use and love it. It gives them easy access to a lot of features, in one place without actually having to go to the site. You don't have to do anything to collect your point for the toolbar,just have to open your toolbar. 

Many other ways to earn

There are so many ways to earn, I am not going to be able to go into them all without writing a book. So, I'll list as many as possible.. if you have a question about any of them, leave it below or use my handy dandy contact me button over there on the sidebar. 

SwagCodes- Codes given on their official blog, or social media pages. This codes range in points and usually last only a couple of hours. 
Play Games- (earn up to 10pts a day)
Swagbucks inbox- They usually send a few point earning opportunities your way, through the inbox every day.
Invite- Add referrals and get up to 1,000 matching swagbucks (for searching)
Shop and earn- Shop at one of their many partners and get cash back.
Take surveys
Print & Redeem Coupons
Watch videos online with SBTV- (up to 150 pts)
Watch videos from your smartphone with the SBTV mobile app (up to 50 pts in addition to regular sbtv)
Tasks-  do small Crowdflower jobs and earn points
Daily Goal meter- Every day swagbucks will give you a earning goal, fill it and receive bonus points the 5th of the following month. You earn additional bonus points for filling the meter 7 days, 21 days and the entire month. 

What can you use your points for?

Entering swagstakes for cash, gift card, electronics, game consoles and so much more.
Cash out for one of the hundreds of physical rewards, ranging from school supplies, clothing , jewelry or the latest gadgets (think Kindle or and Ipad)
Gift cards from retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target , Gamespot etc.

Best Value- The $5 Amazon gift card is the best value at 450pts, other $5 cards are 500pts. You can only cash out (5) $5 cards a month, 2 rewards per day. I usually do the 5 right away then cash out in $25 increments the rest of the month.


Signing up is quick, easy and painless... Go to Swagbucks.com  (<<< Affiliate link) and get started turning those pennies into dollars!

Disclosure: There are one or more affiliate links in this post, Swagbucks is in no way shape or form affiliated with this blog. Nor have the approved this post. 

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